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We are Ethos. We help drive change with technology.

Over the past 5 years Ethos has designed, developed and delivered business solutions that enable people to operate efficiently. Whether through building business process automation solutions within Microsoft’s Power Platform or product development to meet a client’s specific needs, Ethos prides itself on providing cost-effective, innovative solutions.

Ethos thrives on becoming your partner through your technology journey. Technology is far from stagnant. It is constantly evolving and supports how people connect and interact with others. That’s why Ethos delivers client-focused solutions that meet immediate goals and achieve a long-term return on investment.


SharePoint is a platform for web-based collaboration, document management and business process automation that improves an organization’s ability to more quickly and effectively meet business goals. Whether your business is rolling out SharePoint for the first time, migrating from a legacy system, or upgrading your current SharePoint On-Premise application to SharePoint Online – Ethos provides expert consulting for SharePoint configuration, architecture, governance, operations and maintenance (O&M), training, support desk activities, and rebuilding deprecated SharePoint solutions.

Ethos can assist your organization with SharePoint to:

  • Implement business process automation of manual processes.
  • Increase effective content/document management.
  • Increase efficient communication and collaboration for users on projects.
  • Increase more efficient and agile project management and decision making through business intelligence capabilities.
  • Better enforce compliance and security for regulatory requirements and protection of proprietary information.