Looking for increased computing flexibility, stability and scalability? It’s time to move to the cloud.

By replacing obsolete hardware with AWS / Azure, Ethos can help your business take advantage of cloud computing.

By building the right cloud for your business, your organization will be able to innovate and grow quickly.

With a technology-agnostic approach developed through cloud migrations and development projects, Ethos can help your company make the shift into AWS / Azure.  Our cloud services include:

Cloud Development

In order to build innovative and potentially disruptive technology solutions, leveraging modern, cloud-native services is required. Ethos can help harness next generation cloud technologies, drive infrastructure automation with continuous integration and continuous development pipelines, and develop applications in the cloud.

Cloud Migration

Building a comprehensive plan is key when shifting workloads into the cloud. It starts by conducting a thorough analysis of your existing applications and dependencies, and mapping where each workload will live in the cloud. Then we iteratively migrate workloads while engaging stakeholders at every stage and continuously improving for the next migration.  

Cloud Security

Ethos provides a wide range of security services ranging from security audits to implementing security to protect cloud data and infrastructure. We specialize in addressing cloud infrastructure weaknesses and designing solutions that are tailored to fit organizational needs.

Cloud Management

Without solid oversight, cloud costs can skyrocket. Ethos follows best practices to manage clouds with continuous governance, compliance, and optimization – delivering efficiency and ROI quickly.  We follow the best practices of the Well-Architected framework around operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization – helping our clients get the most out of AWS / Azure.